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heyy :)

Hey everyone :)

My name is Anouchka, I got vitiligo when I was 2 I just turned 18 yesterday :) To be honest I have been fighting with my self to stop judging my skin for awhile. I love my skin and I accept it, because it's different but other people don't understand it :/.  I live in the East so in the winter its completely non noticable. But in the summer I tell myself don't tan, but I get caught up in my friends bragging about their tans. My doctor told me when I was 14 that by the age 18, my chance of skin cancer was almost 200% higher because I wasn't protecting myself from the sun and because of my vitiligo:/. Being 14 I didn't listen to him, and as I am writing this I am suffering from a bad sun burn I recieve today at the beach :/.

My advice, even though I'm still trying to listen to my own advice :)

Everyone with any kind of skin condition is beautiful :)
Listen to your doctor

I went to the UVB light term and it worked so well :)
But my doctors said it wasn't improving, I guess they didn't see the before and after picture :/
So my advice is try that treatment :)
And then there the Microskin....     :)

.......but a long story kinda short :) 

I think my question is, when the white spot get pink does that increase my chances of cancer even more?

Anouchka :)
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