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Guess what i have, its white and patchy.

Waw, many stories out there.
To be honest with you i am a little different.. not nearly as bad, i have it on both sides of my hips, a little on my,,,, special area. and that what fine, i didnt mind it being there, it never bothered me...

that is until it suddenly spread like wild fire in a dry wheat field.

suddenly its next to one of my eyes, then on my forehead, then round to my other eye.
and now it appears to be making its way across the face.
my chest and back, my legs and upper arms and even my hands and even on my feet, these are all places where it is now, and with sun spots on my face and shoulders and back already, im going to look like a multi colored monkey soon.

humm bugger.
2 years ago i left the UK and moved to China, into a small city of 2 million people, where people stare at you no matter what. even if i was normal people would stare.

my wife (bless her) has watched with interest as this thing removes my golden tanned skin and replaces it with pure white skin, with the style of which a child would try and color skin in a picture.

Today i have started to do something about it as its affecting my work (students wont pay to be tough by a teacher who is deformed).
So iv been down to the hospital and got a load of creams,,, not they had anything that i requested as the internet said i needed.

But this doesn't matter.
The biggest downside is my baby will be embarrassed of her father, I look terrible in every photo now., and worst of all, the possibility that my little princess may inherit this disgusting immune system virus. If she does i could never ever forgive my self.

In college i learned agriculture so if worst comes to worst i buy a farm and live that way.

So, here i am, being eaten by something i cannot fight, to be left a shell of my former self. But i cling on to some optimism. I can say to my self that people are staring because i am not Chinese (which is true except for my western family). That sooner or later my whole body will be white so i will look normal,, just a little more reflective than other westerners. That maybe just maybe,  it will stop and start to reverse,
And if all else fails I can move to the arctic and blend in to the snow.


Thank you and may which ever god you believe in protect you from your worst enemy, which would be you. it is a hard road and requires the ability to say, F it, . iv got it and cant change that. time to change my life to work around this so i can still have a good life.
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