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My name is Chris, and I am 16 years old and i have had vitiligo for my whole life. My parents noticed it when I was about 1 around my ankles. They took me to the doctor, but he did nothing and wanted me to get older before i could use any sorts of medicines or creams on it.

Having vitiligo used to not affect me because i was too young to understand what it was or how it would affect me later in life. My parents saw the patches get bigger, and we went to the doctor again and he wanted me to use protopic. It worked great for a couple of months, but i stopped using it because i didn't like the greasy feel of it. 

Now that I am 16, the vitiligo has spread to my legs, ankles, inner thighs, arms, and hands. It has stopped me from doing social things with my friends, and in the summer, i HATE wearing shorts out in public, or to the pool because i feel like everyone is looking at me, and there is nothing that i can do about it.

I have started to do the UVB narrow band light treatment and i would HIGHLY recommend it if you can afford it. It is a little expensive, (up to a couple thousand dollars) but i have seen my spots decrease in size.

Thanks for letting me tell my story, and i love that people with vitiligo can tell their own story and feel like they are not alone!
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