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I just found this community (it had struck my mind earlier to search for a community like this, but I hadn't done it til now), and I have to say, I think it's neat.

I got my first spots on my knees when I was about seven (I'm 20 now), and from there it's spread to various parts of my body (elbows, hands, ankles, inner thighs, inner arms, etc). I'm part Native American, so when I tan in the summer, the spots show up pretty well. But I have never come across a) anyone who finds me weird or even slightly unattractive based on the disease (if anything, the guys I've dated think it's cute) or b) people with the disease who are ashamed of having it. I've met maybe a handful of people with the disease, and all of them seemed at least comfortable with it, if not semi-proud.

But finding this community...when I read through the last few entries posted on here, it occured to me that maybe not everyone is proud of their spots the way I am. Yes, I get teased; yes, I've been compared to Michael Jackson; yes, young children have called me "cow girl." But at the end of it, I like my spots. They make me, cliche as it sounds, special. I have been guilty of the sin of holding my hands up to admire them and the way the spots almost make gloves along my fingers. In short, as I already stated--I like my spots, and I don't plan on getting them treated. At all.

Of course, I don't have spots on my face or scalp, nor am I dark-skinned enough to make my spots hugely noticeable (especially in the winter). But even so, it surprised me to see that people want to get rid of their spots. It was a mindset I hadn't considered before--that maybe some people would want to hide them; that maybe some people would see them as a major social disadvantage. So to this community--thanks. I've learned several new things today.

And to this community, I also want to say--keep your spots, don't keep them, it's your choice. But I hope you can be proud of having them at some point, or at least make sure that having them doesn't completely define who you are and how you live your life. In the end, it's melanocytes--it really is skin deep.

So I send love out to my fellow spotted people :D Who knows, maybe we're aliens and we just don't know it. That'd be neat.

Have fun, everybody.
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