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hello! and protopic use question

Hey everyone!

I am new to this livejournal, and am so glad to see something like this. A little bit about myself...I am 22 years old, of Indian American (pretty tan skin), and have had vit since about age 7. It never used to bother me much, but since I started medical school 2 years ago, it has gotten progressively worse (maybe stress? autoimmune diseases are pretty unpredictable).

I visited a local dermatologist who put me on Protopic. I have been using it off and on, mostly around the white circles around my eyes. I started about 8 months ago, and have seen some repigmentation.

Although now, I have new spots forming, some growing very slowly, others (this big patch on the back of my neck) much faster! Though it does not seem to bother my parents, friends, or even my boyfriend (side note: there ARE people out there who are accepting of this...if you are single, take my word for it...the person who ends up accepting you for it truly loves you for you, and NOT for beauty or other superficialities..), it tends to make me VERY subconscious.

I wanted to know if anyone else has noticed new growths and spots after starting Protopic treatment (in areas that you have not applied the drug to)? I am not going to see my derm for another month, but just wanted to see if anyone had a similar problem.

Thanks, looking forward to new posts from you all and more stories of how confidence in ourselves is the best treatment for this dz.

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Hi! I’m a med student too (sixth semester) and I’ve definitely seen an enlargement of my white patches the past few years, so I’d say that stress is a major contributor to the worsening of this condition.

I am not using any medication myself; because the disorder is caused by deficient bone marrow stem cells, I’ve been told that medicine with a generalised effect will affect the immune system adversely, which is not desirable when you’re working with infectious patients. However, I’ve seen spontaneous reduction of some patches while others have grown quickly in size only to stagnate after a short time, so I guess it’s a rather unpredictable disorder – the only thing consistent about the size and location of my spots is the bilateral symmetry. >_>

I'm sorry I can't answer your questions on Protopic, but at least I can let you know you're not alone out there! ;)

Hey Cecile!

So nice to hear from someone on my exact same situation. That's the thing...I use it off and on, and am just about to finish up 2nd year (I have not really had much patient contact). You think I should discontinue use during 3rd year? I should def talk to my derm about this. But wow, did not even think of that!

Thanks so much for your speedy reply...I definitely want to keep in touch if that is okay with you?
Vitiligo is skin condition gives no physical pain istead patients has to suffer from a emotional stress but you are lucky because I thing you have not such suffering it mean you are near to your 100% cure. I have observed many people which with draw theirselves for the depressoin due to their skin condition get rid from their disease. This is not only usefull for vitiligo but for any disease. As for as concern with vitiligo you are not alone with these white patches. as vitiligo stat shows that about 1 to 2 millions people alon in USA suffering from this skin condition. One thing more for you take care when go out during sun exposure hour. because due the presence of UV in the sunlight these rays destroy the Melanocytes cells (responsible for skin coloration) and acording to some latest research wrong workin fo melanocyte is the reseon of white spots.
this sounds crazy i know, but really this helped me.
i had really bad acne so i went to my dermatologist and he gave me some pills to take to get rid of my acne but it also started making my spots smaller and lighter (repigmentation) i was super excited. so i don't know maybe you should look into that as an option.


March 26 2011, 05:52:35 UTC 7 years ago

Yes my daughter started the treatment on her neck about 2 months ago. I think its getting a little spotty w repigmentation but its hard to tell. It seemed like it was spreadiing faint leasions. How funny you mentioned that. The thought of spreading is depressing me. She is only 6. She startes with a patch on one side of her neck. I thought it was a segmental type cuz its on one side of the neck only and also thought it spread quickly and is done with within months. Am i wrong about the rate of progression on this type of vit?