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On being hereditary and insecure

Is this hereditary? How am I the only to get it? I have two children and neither of them have this. No one in my family has this. The only thing I can rely on is knowing that hyperthyroidism runs through all of the females in my mother's side. They are also all white. I'm the first colored child throughout all of my mother's family line. My skin is dark. Dad's family doesn't have any of this either.

And none of them think this is a big deal. It began on my genitals after birthing my first child. I naively thought maybe the spots were scars from the eventful birth. But during a paps appointment well after my second child was two - they had grown and spread, and my doctor said: "Oh, you have vitiligo." I said, "Sh*t, what std is that?" (I'm in a steady relationship, I've never had an std, it seemed like a relevent question to the situation, I'm not implying anything...)

She said it wasn't a big deal either, and to think about pursuing further info when it becomes more of a concern. Six months later its on my left shoulder. So occasionally I feel like cutting it out..   Why should everyone's reaction be to belittle my concerns and guilt trip me for being vain?

No one has taken me seriously because it's just starting, and I doubt they've ever seen anyone with it before. I myself have only ever met one other person with vitiligo, before I was well aware of my own beginnings.

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Hi, this isnt hereditary. I am the second child of the 2, and the only one affected by this 'evil' thing called Vitiligo. It all started back in 1994, when I was 12- with a small white patch beside my eye, and with medication and sun exposure-it left. Till 2008, I visited a filthy beach and had extreme sun exposure, the vitiligo recurred and started spreading like wildfire. I have small sporadic spots on my feet, hands, fingers, lip area.. I never thought it would spread like this. I am married for 3 years now with no children, as I used to get scared that my child may get affected and will never forgive me, but the doctors said it isnt genetic or hereditary.

At the moment I going thru phototherapy and steroid meds, Isnt really stopping progression or recovering, but I am hopeful it will with time. The doctors have asked me not to stress or be in mental pressure.But that isnt so easy while living in a society where flawless skin is a high priority. I would advice you to see your dermatologist, and do a bit of research on the net regarding vitiligo.

And dont stress out on this, stress increases it more.