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Hi! I've had vitiligo since i was born (i'm 18 now) and it's full-body. when i was younger i was almost 80% non-pigmented but now i'd say im about 50%. Has anyone else experienced extreme re-pigmentation from the sun? I work outside all summer and have for five years but this past summer especially i noticed that i was getting my pigment back. first my skin would freckle with it and then it'd be patches. almost like how vitiligo starts-but, obviously, in reverse.  anyone else experienced this? i know skin cancer risk is heightened with vitiligo so it's not like i want to go out and lie in the sun just to get my pigment back but i was curious.

-also on a different note i read somewhere that pernicious anemia and celiac is common in people with vitiligo. anyone experienced that?
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