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hello! and protopic use question

Hey everyone!

I am new to this livejournal, and am so glad to see something like this. A little bit about myself...I am 22 years old, of Indian American (pretty tan skin), and have had vit since about age 7. It never used to bother me much, but since I started medical school 2 years ago, it has gotten progressively worse (maybe stress? autoimmune diseases are pretty unpredictable).

I visited a local dermatologist who put me on Protopic. I have been using it off and on, mostly around the white circles around my eyes. I started about 8 months ago, and have seen some repigmentation.

Although now, I have new spots forming, some growing very slowly, others (this big patch on the back of my neck) much faster! Though it does not seem to bother my parents, friends, or even my boyfriend (side note: there ARE people out there who are accepting of this...if you are single, take my word for it...the person who ends up accepting you for it truly loves you for you, and NOT for beauty or other superficialities..), it tends to make me VERY subconscious.

I wanted to know if anyone else has noticed new growths and spots after starting Protopic treatment (in areas that you have not applied the drug to)? I am not going to see my derm for another month, but just wanted to see if anyone had a similar problem.

Thanks, looking forward to new posts from you all and more stories of how confidence in ourselves is the best treatment for this dz.

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