Anjali (happyluckyme) wrote in vitiligo,

Getting treatment.

I went to the dermatologist (for the very first time ever) on Wednesday of this week. He suggested the following to treat the vitiligo:

1) NB-UVB therapy. 2x a week until I see results. He said the face responds *well* to this type of phototherapy. Here is a link with some info:

2) A Hydrocortisone type medicine for the depigmented areas.

3) Vitigone for a cosmetic fix. Available online here:
He says I can use the Vitigone while doing the phototherapy treatments and creme.

I am cautiously optimistic. Just wanted to let you all know in case you were thinking about going to see someone. I started the phototherapy on Wednesday too. It felt like what I think it would feel like to go to a tanning booth.

Hope this has helped someone here.
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